Privacy Policy

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) is committed to recognizing and protecting important constitutional and civil rights of all citizens and stakeholders, and the sovereignty of the CNO.

To the extent the following policies do not waive the sovereignty of the CNO, the CNO will adopt and implement a UAS privacy policy based on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Voluntary Best Practices for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability and Multistakeholder Process: Unmanned Aircraft Systems as well as the Department of Transportation's UAS Privacy Policy.

CNO and team members will continue to adapt and advance the CNO privacy policy in accordance with feedback from the community, and will provide feedback to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

CNO will require UAS Integration Pilot Program ("UASIPP") participants to adhere to all applicable privacy policies and laws as a condition of participation as team members.

Since Fourth Amendment principles are closely intertwined with privacy, CNO will also work with inter-jurisdictional law enforcement to develop and adopt appropriate policies (such as requirements for search warrants) based on applicable Fourth Amendment principles. CNO will seek guidance and advice from our advisory panel to ensure that governmental operations are conducted in accordance with applicable fundamental Fourth Amendment protections.

Effective cybersecurity is a critical component of protecting privacy. CNO will work closely with team member information technology and cybersecurity officials to ensure that appropriate safeguards, technologies and policies are in place to enable an effective cybersecurity protection plan. All UASIPP participants will be provided with cybersecurity and privacy policy training. All team members will also be required to have formal organizational cybersecurity and privacy policies in place before they are allowed to participate as operators in the UASIPP.